New website but I don't own the domain name

Hi All

I have a client who runs a website with another guy. He’s not entirely happy with the other developer and has asked me to do him a site which I will host on dreamhost. He only wants to redirect his domain over to my site once it is complete and running but until then it needs to be hidden.

How do I go about setting up a domain etc which is not visible online until i activate it and the redirect is complete? obviously I will need to access it for development sake etc.

I’m looking to use an CMS for speed and efficiency

Any help would be amazing

Thanks in advance


You can add his domain to your dreamhost account, and build the site. The site won’t be directly accessible because DNS for the domain points elsewhere. The process you’re looking for is very common, but the scenario is usually “my site is at xyz host, I want to rebuild it at dreamhost, but keep the existing site up until I’m ready to switch over.”

Thanks for the response. Managed to set my domain and mirror up so lets see how it goes

Got the domain set up and activated a mirror using the following:

The mirror doesn’t seem to work?

any ideas?

The domain that you wanted to add on “manage domains” is the domain that will be hosted eventually.

Since DNS for that domain currently points elsewhere, there is no path to what you just added. One way of doing that is to add a mirror, that could either be a domain or subdomain that you own that dreamhost also controls the DNS for, or it could be a free sub-domain that you created using the free doman.

HOWEVER, pay close attention to that warning about CMS’s. Consider choosing one of the other methods on the page, specifially either edit your hosts file locally or use dreamhost nameservers for your local machine. The simplest for your case is to use the hosts file method.