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I have just registered a domain, without a hosting plan, now i need to redirect that to another hosting like geocities. I am clueless how to do that. I searched on this forum and there is one such thread, but it states that theres a redirect option in the manage domain section, but i am really unable to find it. can anyone help. i go to manage domains and it asks me to ‘Add new domain/subomain’ i click on that and it says ‘Add new hosting plan’. i go there and my domain is listed under ‘domains registered’ but i dont see anywhere where i can redirect it.


You won’t be able to do a “redirect” on DreamHost unless you have a hosting plan. See if the following posts make it a little more clear:



You should be able to either point the nameservers for your domain to the Yahoo/Geocities nameservers. Or, you can always transfer the domain over to Yahoo if you like.

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