New user working with existing domain

I just joined DreamHost a few hours ago for Web hosting. I will eventually move my domains over at a later date. Anyway, I have an existing Web site running on In DH, I did a One-Click install with Joomla to create a new site. My plan was to create a new site with Joomla and then switch the DNS records when I am ready.

After doing the One-Click Install, I recieved an email from DH with instructions on how to finish the installation, which requires me to visit the site and configure the final settings. Problem is that I don’t know how to visit the site. Typing in the Web site takes me to the existing site I have on the Web. And clicking the Visit link under my domain on the DreamHost Panel also takes me to my existing site. How do I go about finishing the install?

Thanks for any help you can provide,


Thanks for the response, I will try these shortly. One other question; if I create the subdomain and mirror the site, will I be able to access the site as I work on it from the Web? In other words, can I open Chrome and type in ( is my domain)? What I would like to do is make the changes and then access it from Chrome to see how it looks.

Thanks again!