New user, urgent how to ftp?

hello, i have allowed a new user access to a subdomain, but we can’t figure out how to do it? where does he ftp to? or my own domain?

i use his log/pass but the file doesn’t load, however using my own log/pass it loads fine… how can this be resolved?

It has to do with whuch user owns the file, and is a little complicated. I suggest you check out this this thread about setting up ftp users and search the Dreamhost Wiki (search for “users” and “sharing” and you will find several articles about setting up users, permissions, group settings, etc.).

If these don’t help you get it sorted, post back and ask for further help :wink:


Use sub-domain as IP, It’ll works.
Ftp user will take a few minutes to activate.

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I never had much luck with the dreamhost FTP, so I downloaded SmartFTP Client and find it much easier to use.