New User - Startup Problems

Hello out there! Yesterday I signed up an account (CodeMonster) option. I then uploaded (FTP) a small test site created with CityDesk. The upload went fine, the files are all there, however when I attempt to access my site ( I get a screen with the header: Index of /. If I access my ftp://oakbrushdigital, I see all the files and if I access my index.html file, everything works from that screen.

Although I’m a retired software developer, I have no web experience, and I’m unfamiliar with the nitty gritty that I’m looking at here. I’ve read some info from the kb base, but I’m really not sure what my problem is at this point.

I left a message for support (not an emergency message) 18 hours ago and have received no reply as of now.

Any help will be appreciated.

Assuming your account name is oakbrush, your index.html file should be located in:

and NOT just /home/oakbrush

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Thanks for this information. I have a page open to my FTP directory and I previously tried to create a new folder with the name “”. This was not allowed and an error message was returned.

I had figured that the file tree was the problem, and so hoped that I could create a directory (folder) and move all the uploaded files into it, but when I attempt this (I am logged in and have originally accessed this page from the Control Panel edit option) the action is refused with this message:

FTP Folder Error

An error occurred renaming the file or folder on the FTP Server. Make sure you have permission to make this modification.

350 File or directory exists, ready for destination name.
550 rename: Device or resource busy

As I was attempting to rename the NewFolder folder 550 must be the error - how is the device or resource busy?


Got it!

Attack of acute stupidity!!!

The directory had already been created so a duplicate was there. Actually two directories were there one named oakbrushdigital and the other

Last night I had two upload tries. The first went to the root directory. The second to the directory named “oakbrushdigital”.

So, I deleted and renamed the oakbrushdigital directory to and life is good!

Thanks for the help

I am having the same problem with the index.html file overtaking my webpage.

I see that someone earlier posted that the index.html file I should be looking for (and delete at that point??) should be in the /home/unruly25/ directory in my case…

but in my home directory i have three folders, none of which are unruly25.

i have logs, maildir, and

if i go into, there are NO files there. So where is this index.html file that i need to get rid of??

please help!


Your webwage files should all be in the directory.

Make sure that is where you upload them to.


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but when i do that, all i see are the files in the / index file structure still…any ideas why?