New user. site, email still down. I've questions

I just moved my website ( from Doteasy to Dreamhost at the end of September. I had email problems and then my website went down.

I’m familiar with and I know that Selma died. I have a few more questions.

  1. How do I find out which server I’m on?

  2. Are these possibly problems with switching domains from Doteasy to DH?
    Note: My doteasy expired Oct. 1, and I believe DH has been down since the 2nd. Part of me thought it was have been an error in switching domains, BUT my ftp and mail had been running through DH since the 29th of September or so. Plus a WHOIS on my site shows DH as the web host.

Thanks. I’m just a non-web savvy new user lost in transition.

There are a couple of ways to find out what server you are on.

The easiest way is via the panel. Go to Users -> Manage Users, the server name is shown under the Machine column for the user that controls that domain.

The second way is to log-in via SSH, the server name is shown using large ASCII characters.

Of-course, the answer to this depends on exactly what you mean by your site being ‘down’. If the domain transfer went smoothly and your site was previously working on DreamHost (even for a day or so) then the issue you are experiencing is unlikely to be due to the domain transfer.


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Further investigation shows that your domain is not resolving at all for me.

A WHOIS does show the server at DreamHost, but it shows the domain registrar as N2NET NETWORK, INC… Did you transfer the domain registration to DreamHost, or just configure the nameservers to DreamHost?

Also, the WHOIS shows the domain status as REGISTRAR-HOLD.


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Looks like I’m on Brandine. Interesting. I don’t remember that being mentioned as one of the troubled systems.

Here are the symptoms of my problem:

when trying to access, it says the server does not exist. The FTP actually just came back up (it couldn’t find the server last night), so maybe this is progress. Webmail and POP are still down. Hopefully this will be resolved by tonight.

I thought I had taken all the steps necessary to transfer everything. I’ll have to look at it when I get home later today. I suppose a call to Doteasy would be easiest.

Yes, probably your best option.

Hopefully it is only something simple holding up the transfer. Although, in my experience some hosts (not specifically the one mentioned) tend to make it overly difficult for ex-customers to take their domains with them.


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Do you want to transfer the domain registration away from them too, or just point the domain at your Dreamhost account? Keep in mind a domain name doesn’t need to be registered by the same people who’re hosting it, though it does make things easier.

Yes, I have an opinion.

Get a minimum 50% off with the “haveadreamyday” promo code, and… have a dreamy day. Original, no?

I’m through with Doteasy and want everything to be run by dreamhost. It just seems easier that way. Thanks for the help - hopefully that’ll be all I need.