New User problems


I registered the domain and everything yesterday, it’s been 26 hours and it’s still not working. I’ve uploaded an index.html to the domain folder (the domain is but it still doesn’t display. How long do I have to wait until it works? Or do I have to do something?


You need to go to your Registrar and change the name servers. They’re currently set to Once that’s done, give it another 24 hours and things should start showing up.



I don’t understand what I need to change and to what… and what to do exactly. Sorry, I’m not good at computers.


Set the NameServers at the place you registered the domain.

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These are below “Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for”


Do I need to do something else?

Also, my FTP is still When will this change and how will I know?


You need to go to Value Domain and change the Domain Name Servers so they’re the DreamHost ones, as listed above.

Once your site is up and running, you will be able to FTP to your domain instead of broncos.



I’m sorry for being annoying… where do I find Value Domain? And what is the default Domain Name Servers so I know what I need to change? Also seeing these:


on the Manage Domains page doesn’t mean anything then?

#8 has been registered since 2006 - are you sure this is the domain?


Well I just found the problem. When I registered DH let me use and didn’t tell me it was already taken or anything, I just disabled it and am going to register a new one. Thanks you guys.