New user new email problem

suddenly - after several weeks of no problems - OUTLOOK EXPRESS can’t connect with my act-
haven’t seen any postings about problems at DREAMHOST-
emailed my question to “support” but looks lik at least a day to hear back- I set have my email bouncing back to my backup meail address, that seems to work for now-
anyone lese having similar problems- woiuld have thought there would have been some postings ? I am new to DH so am not sure what to be expecting here –
AOL - for all my other complaints was pretty solid as far as email issues were concerned-

Hey, me too!

My mail worked just fine up until this morning and now Outlook says I need to check my username and password. They’re fine.

I don’t know what the deal is.

I’ve been with dreamhost less than a week but so far there have been problems of some sort every single day.

Let me know what support tells you.


I noticed a similar “password not accepted” error in Eudora when trying to retrieve my e-mail yesterday evening, but after retrying a two or three times it worked fine, and there hasn’t been a problem since. Perhaps a little glitch–it’ll be interesting to see what support tells you.

For reference, I’ve been a happy Dreamhost customer for several years, and although there’ve been a small outbreak of nasty problems recently, I haven’t noticed any statistical increase in problems compared to years past–in fact, I think I’ve seen less downtime over the past couple of years, and definitely in the past few months, than previously. In any case, problems somehow seem to come in waves and Dreamhosts’ have never been the cause of any severe issues for me.