New user. Need technical help / advice

I only recently payed for my DreamHost registration, and I have a few questions:

  1. With DreamHost’s webftp, I tried editing an HTML file I’d uploaded with the built-in plain text editor. This resulted in all the single quotation marks (’) and the first letters following them to be replaced with question marks. How can I fix this?

  2. What are the best downloadable FTPs? I use Internet Explorer, if it matters.

3.In the DreamHost control panel, under “Status > Site Statistics”, I tried to view my daily web statistics and it asked for a username and password. What would these be? Of course, I don’t expect anyone to know my own login details, but would they be the name/password I use for the control panel or for the webftp or what?

Well, that’s all. Thanks!

There are a lot of free text editors in the Internet. If you are not comfortable with DH’s one, try to use one of them Crimson Editor

I use FileZilla. It is not bad.

You should see # Users w/Access under “Status > Site Statistics”. You will need to create a user to access your site statistics. Note this user is only to access site statistics. It is different from your FTP user.

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i also use filezilla for ftp (in both windows and linux). if you set up your dreamhost user with ssh access, you can set filezilla to use sftp instead of plain ftp for more security.

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