New user need help

Hi guys,

I just joined tonight after weeks of talks about dreamhost with friends,
The main two reasons i’d like to join the hosting here is because
i like the idea of having my own on demand streams, which i haven’t set up before, but if any of you could help me i’d be much appreciated.
The amount of space and bandwidth at dreamhost sounds too good to be true, but we’ll see how that goes, i’m involved in a large community of developers online and i guess i’ll be the guiniepig for this project.
Most of all, i’m signing up for my own personal intrests, and i hope it’s a good choise.
Sounds like a great community here, hope i can make use of the great offers here,

Thanks for reading.

If I think it can it probably has been

Then you are in the right place :slight_smile:
There are many features on dreamhost, with new ones every month or so.

For stream :
What kind of stream do you talk about ?
WMV in media player ? FLV like youtube ?

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welcome to dreamhost. i think dreamhost provide the biggest server space and bandwidth with the lowest price. the only trouble is that you have to fax the authorization form to them to activate the account. other than that, the system is tremendous.

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Thanks man,

Hope all goes well, i really want to try that quicktime setup

I emailed saying i had no fax facilities, no reply to that yet.
They’ve answered all other questions promptly

If I think it can it probably has been

if you don’t have fax facility, you can use paypal account to make payment. but you can’t enjoy the discounts. i’ll suggest you to go to post office to fax the form to dreamhost. with the promo code, you can save a lot

Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] (max discount) on dreamhost by using promo code: [color=#CC0000]97MONEY[/color].

I allready signed up, the promo code got me 90$ off the first
bill, so that’s 98$ for the first 2 years out of the way cool
Now i must sort out that form yea, i’ll ask a friend today.
I just have no cash left to buy ink for my printer/fax

If I think it can it probably has been

usually they will activate your account within 24 hours after they received your fax… I’ve wasted one week to get my account activated. :frowning: and now i’m waiting for them to transfer the domain to my new plan… T_T all the best for you

by the way, you should get 97 dollar off man. which promo code did you use?

Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] (max discount) on dreamhost by using promo code: [color=#CC0000]97MONEY[/color].

Sorry i meant i got 99 off, i used 9999
Yea i transfered a domain from godaddy
I wasn’t usin it and it’s up soon anyway
But with my new idea, this domain will come in handy
I hope to find somebody here that is using the quicktime
stream on demand setup, that’s what i want to do.

Thanks later i’m off to bed

If I think it can it probably has been

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones!
I paid with MBnet (virtual mastercard) and had my account working in 5 minutes.

BUGabundo :o)
50$ discount with promo code “BUG50” on ALL plans

wow, that is really fast. I’m still waiting for them to transfer my domain T_T

Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] (max discount) on dreamhost by using promo code: [color=#CC0000]97MONEY[/color].

waiting for who? I doubt its dreamhost dragging their heels, probably your previous host. some tend to do that when you leave and take your domains with you.

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I’m new also (just a few weeks old on DH). The Quicktime streaming option also really caught my attention. I’m going to be using it, it’s just a matter of reencoding/hinting my stuff. Then I’ll post how it goes - please do the same if you get anything posted up. So far, it looks to be a little used part of most DH users (at least from the forum postings). I for one have been looking for a host that provided QT streams for a while now, really excited to try it out. But I have no clue on the server resources or bandwidth that it’ll use…should be interesting :slight_smile:


That 200gig plan has 2TB?? bandwidth, that’s tons
I doubt you’d have problems running some media files
Even if your stream got some attention, i couldn’t see 2tb been used up in a hurry could it?
That’s what i liked about this offer, hard to believe they offer soo much for soo little, and i’ve seen their support and forums are very active in responces etc.
I’d like to show you a project or two i’m working on, you might love it, this is why i want a streaming setup

The only problem now is, dreamhost made it difficult for me to get my account activated, they won’t untill i send a fax with my details on that form, i spent 60 euros today at pc world buying ink for my lexmark all in one x1180 just so i could come home and try learn how to send a fax, im on cable now and from what i read you cant fax on broadband.
So that cost me 60 bucks today
Why can’t the accept my details the same as epassporte for example
I print out their form and fill it in,then scan my details and send them over.

Waste of time

If I think it can it probably has been

True about the bandwidth, probably won’t be a problem. The few things I was working on were some longer training videos (30+ minutes of fairly good quality QT to try streaming).

On the CPU resource side, I really don’t know how efficient the Darwin streaming server is, or maybe not even efficient - just efficient enough for a shared server with a few streams coming out for x number of shared server users…I really have no clue :slight_smile:

For the fax thing, I’d suggest doing what someone else mentioned above - go to a Kinko’s or office supply place and have them fax it for a couple bucks at most. My friend actually just did this and it worked fine, luckily I still had my old fax modem on my iMac for my own.

If all else fails, I’ve never tried, but I think there are services that let you fax via the net. Try something like eFax, etc. While it’s not free to send (though they let you receive for free), it might not be too much…worth a look. Good luck.