New user, looking to help emulate an old setup


I’m a very recent DreamHost convert, having moved my company’s hosting arrangement from a deadbeat operation that turned out to be in some legal hot water. The benefits are great, and the features seem very extensive, but I’m having some trouble, even with the wiki pages, puzzling out just how to set up things so they operate as closely like they did before, for the benefit of my staff.

Essentially, each member of the design team, as well as myself as administrator, had an FTP account with root access to the hosting filesystem, in which all our domains and subdomains were arranged by correspondingly named subdirectories. Every design member could log in and update the contents of any one of our given hosted sites.

I’m curious how exactly I might configure my hosting here that I can accomplish this; the alternative would be to just use a master account that all members of the design team shared, but I prefer to give each an individual account with similar access privileges.

Director of Operations, Tribal Dawn LLC


Looks like they’ll all have to use the same FTP account. Sez DH:

The good thing about this is that one user won’t be able to screw things up for everybody else by making a directory/file writable by just that one person.