New user how long will i wait?

I just signed up for crazy domain insane plan few hours ago and may i know when will it take effect the free domain come s with the webhost is already ok but i have an old site. I already changed the dns of my new site to dreamhost.

Depends on how you paid. Most activations that do not cause any red flags such as: (Signing up through a proxy, free email accounts, telephone numbers not matching zip, IP Address not matching country…etc)

Then usually less than 24 hours but up to 48 hours. If you sent a cashier’s check…then it could take 2 weeks.

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my site is already up and running so does it mean i had no problems in transacting with dreamhost(google checkout)? or is this temporary only and they will terminate my account if it encounters problem? thanks for the reply.

oh one more thing who is this frade1? i sometimes see that my username is frade1 but i never not use that word.

Login to the control panel, if the account is not active yet, you will see a notice down the bottom in the sidebar saying that the account is pending. If you don’t see this, your account is now active. Accounts on Dreamhost as far as I know aren’t enabled first, then shutdown again if payment wasn’t successful.

The username is a system generated one, originally you used to be able to make your own one, but a while back they changed to generated names, I don’t recall the exact reason for doing this, but I think it was to do with the shift from usernames, to email address logins on the control panel.

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Yeah, I don’t recall any specific use of that username anywhere important. We create our own usernames for unix logins (ftp, etc).

Regarding the OPs thinking that since their site is up their account must be active, because of the time needed for DNS propagation, you might be looking at your old site. Actually, if you haven’t logged in and uploaded content to DreamHost, it’s very likely that either DNS hasn’t propagated yet or that you’re looking at a cached version of your new site.

Have you uploaded your site to DreamHost yet? (this is directed to the OP) :slight_smile:

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iam very confident that the site iam using is the one hosted in dreamhost bec ive already installed forum and wordpress. how about the billing i used my sister(living abroad) credit card. it brought me to google checkout and that it? i ask my sister if she received any call from dreamhost or anyone in verifying my transaction and she said none. actually mins after completing the transaction i received an email saying that my account was successfully created and then another saying that my new domain has been register. i log on in my account create database and upload the wordpress files after that my installed it. domain works very fast.

Ah, well then it looks like you’re good to go.

I seem to recall someone saying that they had some retroactive payment authorization problems but I can’t seem to find that post.

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