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I am in charge of creating a website for my dog club when another person that had started (was a web designer) just quit altogether taking the domain name we had with him—so I registered the new domain name the board chose and signed up for it for a year and by the month hosting-
Now what the heck do I do to start making a website?
I apologize for being so dense but I did not understand anything about pointing to the server or ftps information in the email they sent
Please help me. I am completely lost.

You could probably setup the site with Remixer in the DH Panel:

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Where are you located? Do you have any local resources, maybe a high school where kids can get some credit for helping with a project like this? Look around for a local web developer group at

I can setup a simple site for you with WordPress to get you started. (Free, happy to help, dunno why but you caught me in a good mood. :slight_smile: ) This will get you out of the immediate rut. I can provide info to help you move quickly toward confidence and independence. PM me if interested.

Hi twinelm,

We do have a knowledge base you can use to search for help articles including one on getting started. This article here should help:

You can also search our knowledge base for any specific terms you may need.

I hope this info helps but if you run into any issues you can always use live chat to chat with us in real time.


I second the remixer vote here. Even though it may be more limited than creating a site from scratch, it’s pretty much plug and play. Your peeps will be amazed at your website.

Thank you all for your help! I had signed up for Wordpress and once that became active I was able to do a pretty decent job to start. Obviously Inhave to learn all that it does but at least I have a start.

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