New user & Gallery question


Hi All,

I’m new to DreamHost and have a question I hope you may be able to help me with …

I have transferred an existing domain to DreamHost and in the meantime have had DreamHost automatically install Gallery in my account.

I received an email saying the installation has been implemented, and that now I need to “visit” my site to complete the installation. I assume they mean go to “” and follow the rest of the instructions (which include selecting a language, etc). But since my domain hasn’t been transferred to DreamHost yet, I can’t do any of this.

Am I correct in assuming that the installation completion has to be done AFTER my domain has been tranferred? Or is the email I received instructing me to go to some control panel to complete installation?

Can I start migrating my files (using FTP) to my account now, or should I wait until I’ve “completed” the installation?



While I have no experience with Gallery, I would assume it has some basic PHP files that run the final configuration for you that you will have to access.

As far as transfering files over, that should be fine unless they have to be in a particular place to work with Gallery (again, no experience with that). You may wish to read through their documentation to find out for sure.

Good luck!

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.


I’d hold off until your domain transfer goes through since the final configuration steps have to be done via the web. During that configuration, you set the data storage directory, so things might go a little wonky if you try to add files to Gallery before that.