New user frustration


Hello all.

I want something that is imo very simple but I must be overlooking something. I’ve been the only user for years now for my domain names but now I created a second user who I want to give access to my website files, to FTP stuff to my websites and such. How can I do this? Which privileges should I give this user? When this user logs in now via FTP it ends up in a semi-emtpy homefolder, my website files nowhere to be seen.



A directory can only have one owner, but you can set up some sharing:

In my case, I create a new FTP user every time I create a domain so that all domains are separate and it’s easy to just hand it off to someone else by giving them the FTP login info. You can do this right now with an existing domain.

Go to the panel here and then Domains -> Manage Domains then click Edit for that domain. You can then change the FTP user, but it looks like you’ll have to copy the data over. I could have sworn that there was an option to have this done automatically. Maybe someone else can jump in with more info on this.



Thanks man, solved it with the Unix groups link.