New user - domain not registered?

I just registered under the 7th year anniversary deal, and my domain was supposed to be free. It hasn’t registered it. Is the normal and do I have to simply sign for it again? That’s why I took the deal was to get the domain registered. any help appreciated.

alright. I thought it registered automatically upon signup. I think I’m good to go.

Hey, same thing happened to me, very disappointing. I hope i will get the domain soon, or that i will get my money back and choose another company to host my websites.

What’s the domain?

Hello, are you an administrator?
My domain is still not registered, its gone 4 hours. It said i would receive a mail withing a half hour.

I also had that sql error that that other guy in the forum mentioned.

I also have errors, but PayPal said the money was sent. However, it says I do not have any domain names registered.

The domain name is and my user id is bbiswar

For what it’s worth, I have found out that there have been some problems with Paypal (apparently on their side) for the last day or so. I’ll let you all know if I found out more; these problems are supposedly fixed now.

Yes, it was down for a day or so. There have been intermittent outages though today. The problems started late Friday/early Saturday. Details at