New user and a little lost

I’m trying to create a business website, not a blog, and I’ve gone through installing a Wordpress example on a subdomain.

The problem is, all the instructions for setting up a Wordpress website have to do with posts, users, commments, and other things related to blogs.

I’m familiar with creating websites with Visual Studio, so I’m wondering if there are business website templates out there that I can buy or download, load up as a project in Visual Studio, and alter to suit my needs.

Basically, I need a main page with product categories, then the product pages showing images of the products, with links to Amazon or such where they can be bought. Nothing too complicated, but I’d rather not deal with the whole look and feel if I can buy or get it for free.

I may want to add a blog later, but my primary concern is putting up a website I can direct my potential customers to.

Any suggestions?


Pages and posts are all relative :slight_smile: You can use posts for whatever you want.

You could do exactly what you want with WordPress posts. Just make the permalink format the post name (so the product name), and use categories to sort them. Your post content can be whatever you want.

Thanks, Ipstenu, I’ll give it a try.