New Troll Here

Hey all, I just thought I would take a minute to introduce myself since it is quite likely that I will be around asking questions frequently. I signed up last night (but my account is still “pending approval” :frowning: so I havn’t been able to dig in and get confused yet, but soon. It’s really nice to see a company that still has a sense of humor though, and from the little I’ve gotten to read on this board it appears as though the customers reflect that. Anyways, I hope to pester you all soon!


Welcome aboard, there are some excellent people here willing to help when they can. I think you will be quite happy with the customer to customer support. Once in a great while someone from DH will pop in but thats rare.
Way at the bottom of the forums list is a forum for casual chat
Offtopic Forum should you want to get to know others better.

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Hi Jason, welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:

Hopefully that won’t take too long, if it takes longer than a few days or so, it is often worth sending a short note to support, as on rare occasions applications seem to get ‘lost’ in the machinery.

I’m sure we are all looking forward to it. :wink: Remember, there is also the wiki, which can be an excellent source of information.

Good luck.


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Welcome to DH first!

wiki is our good friend. Some experts in this forum are better friends. I’ve learnt a lot here. Hope you will learn something, too :wink:

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Welcome, Jason.

Don’t forget that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Unless you ask “can I host warez here?” of course.

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