New Transfer

I (friday) signed up for the two year Code Monster package and the free transfer of the registration of my domain to DreamHost.
However I am having a few issues and a few questions.


  1. I cannot fax in the credit card sheet because no one will answer the (excuse my language) damn phone.

  2. The email that the registrar would send a message to asking if the transfer is ok, somehow became and is the domain im transfering. (and my old host has disabled my accounts already).


  1. How long is this going to take?

  2. Do I need to reply to that message even though my domain is unlocked?

Basically im kind of miffed at this whole process.
The fact that you have to rub your card and fill out this piece of paper and fax it in was a pain enough, but the fact that there is no fax machine answering nor a person for that matter doesn’t help the situation.
Amoung that, the email was my personal one used for everything and the downtime is going to kill me.

Lastly, im just looking for help here.
There is no “customer service” number where I can call and just talk to someone about this entirely “gone wrong” process.


I agree that you are in a tough situation. I can’t “make it all better”, but I can respond to some of your issues:


[quote]1. I cannot fax in the credit card sheet because no one will answer the (excuse my language) damn phone.
Dreamhost is Located in Southern California, and it is the very beginning of a Monday business day there. Given the fact that Dreamhost currently hosts over 300,000 domains, I suspect the phones are very busy right now. The lack of answer is probably because the phone is on a rotary, and is trying to find an available line. I suggest you either set the fax machine on autodial and let it keep trying till it gets through, or try again later. Given the international nature of Dreamhost’s business, I could only guess when the fax/phone might be more likely answered :frowning:

It’s always best to keep the old host until the new one is set up, but there is little you can do about that now. On the “up” side, as long as your domain at the old registrar was not “locked” and they did receive the transfer request, the “newish” ICANN rules no longer require an affirmative response from you to allow the transfer to take place…if there is no response instructing them to stop the transfer within 5 days, the transfer request is supposed to be honored. If you have the ability to telephone the registrar, you could attempt to clarify the situation with them that way, and maybe get them to expedite (though that is not too likely given they are supposed to allow 5 days for the email contact to object to the transfer).


As for how long you should expect for this to take, given the issues you have, and depending upon when you get the fax issue it’s hard to tell. Once the fax issue is resolved, Dreamhost should, and does, set you up immediately. As per issue 2 above, you could be looking at 5-7 days for the transfer to be complete (though it is often less), which is what Dreamhost tells you when you initiate the transfer.

No. The transfer should proceed as long as you don’t object by responding to that email telling them not to transfer the domain.

I understand your frustration, but there is nothing else you can do except send a message detailing you situation to Dreamhost via the Contact Form on the Main Dreamhost Website and keep trying to send the fax. If you already have a Web Id to log into the panel, you can also generate a support ticket from the Control Panel–>Support–>Contact Support link. That said, I’d keep trying the fax, as early this morning there were over 1,000 tech support requests in the queue.

There is a fax machine there; you just have not been able to get it to answer (it is no doubt “busy”, but you probably will not hear the signal because of the rotary management of the lines). There is no voice line for Dreamhost that is answered.

For what it is worth, you are not the only one having difficulty with this. :wink:

Not much help, I’m sure, but it is the best info I can give you. Good luck with it all; I hope you can get it sorted and will enjoy the hosting here.


Thank you very much.
I set the fax on auto dial and it got through, and about an hour alter the accounts were all set up.
Now all I have to do is wait for the transfer to go through.

Good Deal! I’m glad to hear you are making progress. In spite of the “slow start”, welcome to Dreamhost! :slight_smile: