New to web hosting, trying to make a cloud storage site


Ive been working with computers for years but I decided to try and host my own Cloud Storage website for family and friends. I’ve never even brushed the surface of this side of tech and need some guidance.

I have a fully hosted domain, but I cant get to it. When I click Visit in the admin panel, it says it can’t find the site. I have SFTP setup, but I cant connect to it. To be fair, I made the domain around 4(ish) hours ago, and just figured out how to get it fully hosted around 30 minutes ago.

Does this take time to take effect? If so, what kind of time estimate should I expect? Once it is running, what resources would you point me to in getting my cloud storage up and running?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

By now the DNS should have propagated for you. TTL on DNS entries is 4 hours. Generally you’ll find DNS either propagates almost instantly, or around the 4 hour mark–and you have basically no control. Once you get set to fully hosted tho, there really is no reason to change again until you need to upgrade to other services.

If you’re thinking about using shared hosting for this you will likely run into problems staying complaint with the unlimited policy. You will likely need to leverage DreamObjects for actual storage.