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I have a free website that is currently with bravehost. I have recently acquired a new site with Dreamhost. How/Can I transfer the data from the free site to the one I just purchased?

Sure you can transfer the data from your old site to your new site.

For most content like HTML files and images, you can use any FTP client to get the files from one place and then upload them to the new place. Or use something like Beyond Compare to connect to both FTP servers at once and skip your own computer.

Some data, like databases and lists of e-mail addresses, may be more tricky. E-mail etc. is best done by hand so you know the exact setup of your new site. Databases is different, but perhaps you’re not using any?

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GOOD!!! I am using FileZila as the ftp, and I have tried to cut and paste the html codes and that doesnt work, so if you dont mind, how would I do this?


Paste the codes where? What you want to do is copy the HTML pages (index.html, etc) by downloading the files from one site (bravehost) and uploading them to the other (dreamhost).

Bravehost may have had templates that you were using? Dreamhost does not have that sort of system set up by default. FTP your actual page documents to the web readable area of your account, along with any image files, etc, and it should look fine. You could also upload a zip or tar of your entire site and then un-zip (or tar) it in place using the shell. This is a good way to transfer large sites with lots of sub directories and image files.