New to this. need help

I am confused.

If i have bought an html template and want to upload it to my server here and populate with contents what should i do???

and if i have bought a premium wordpress template and want to use it in here what should i do? i dont have my ftp information… is there any guides for beginners of what to do??

i havent seen any guides.

when i go to one-click install, its asking me to provide the URL???

do i have to register with wordpress and have a website with them to be able to use wordpress in here???

please help.

After you have signed up with Dreamhost for hosting (= website space) you should receive an email with your FTP info. You will also need to have a domain ( The domain can take upto 48-72 hours to populate through the worldwide web.

A HTML template (basic design website) is different from a WordPress template and can NOT be used together in the same domain (unless you use subdomains). You do not need to register with WordPress, just use the one-click. You will have to add the URL in the Panel if you have registered it already.

Since all you ask is so veru very basic do some research by googling or searches here on the forum, because all you will ask is garanteed answered so many times already.

ronthai: Thank you for your reply. But i would like to seek answers to my questions in here since i am a paying member :).

You said i dont need to register on wordpress or anything. and you said i have to add my URL in the empty field.

What URL you are talking about? i just have a registered domain. lets say its called .

I have a series of premium wordpress templates which i bought and they are not in use anywhere.

what does the URL has to do with installing those templates that are just saved on my hard drive???

and i havent yet received my ftp details till now. when i should get them??? i registered a few hours ago.

im not sure whats happening. in control panel, when i go to Site Statistics, it says Add a domain to host. “You don’t appear to have any domains hosted on this account. Please select another account from the list at the left, or click the button above to set up a new domain.”

but i already registered a domain? i dont have webmail either.

I appreciate if you can clarify those things.


also, when i want to add my first hosted domain by going to this page wAddhttp

i get this error which says "OOPS! Something just went terribly wrong:

couldn't load 

Please contact DreamHost Support for details.

what should i do???

do i need to pay additionally for hosting or should i host somewhere else like on Google???