New to this - Need Email help


I transferred a domain to DH and set up email accounts using the recently transferred domain. I tried setting it up in Apple’s mail client. I used the new domain (i.e. for my incoming and outgoing servers, but for my user name and password, I used the user name and password that DH emailed me when I opened my DH account with the domain I opened it with.

Should this work? Or is there a different user name and password created when you transfer a new domain?



You’re going to use the mailbox number: m78654322 and the password that you set for that E-mail address. That passowrd for ‘when you signed up’ is just what you use to log into the panel - it’s not used for much else.



Thanks for this, but I think you misunderstood my question. Is there a different user name and password for the mail server when I create a new account in a mail client like Apple Mail or outlook? It’s not the user name and password for logging onto the panel, it’s the password they give you to set up your email on a mail client. Since I tranferred the domain, is it different from the password they gave me to setup the domain I got from DH?