New to PHP on DreamHost - set up questions

I’m not new to programming - just PHP and DreamHost.

I have a website on DreamHost and want to redo it using PHP to add all kinds of interactive elements.

I was thinking of downloading a free IDE in particular PHPcoder from DreamHost provides MySQL which I also want to use.

How do I set all this up on my computer? Do I have to download anything from DreamHost once i have the IDE? Do I have to do anything besides ftp my files with extension.php to the DreamHost server?

I’d be happy to hear from others how they perform the various steps.

Thank You!

You can try installing your own apache, mysql and php. Edit on your favorite editor and upload your content to DreamHost.

XAMPP or WAMP is a good choice.


Thanks for the reply infomar!

Is it necessary to install my own apache, mysql and php? Is it possible to get by with just the editor? Perhaps I need all those things to test and debug?

While not necessary it is very helpful. With apache, php and mysql on my laptop, along with Eclipse for editing I can work on my site without affecting my live copy on DH.

If I want to make a major change I can even setup a 2nd copy of my site and only upload (I use FileZilla) to DH when I have all the bugs out of the new site. Same thing with MySQL.

It’s always a good idea to have a test site and Apache HTTPD, PHP and MySQL make it pretty easy to make one you can take with you.