New to hosting, what's best for me?


I’m looking into getting both a domain name and hosting through DreamHost and have a few questions on the right path based on my needs.

My goal is to host a comic through the WordPress 1-click install feature. At the moment, with pretty much zero traffic to start, I’m wondering if it’d be reasonable to go with shared hosting. Reason being, while I’m getting zero viewers and still testing the ropes of running the site, I’d love to save a little money in the process.

In that case, is it possible, when the time comes, to upgrade and switch to either Managed Wordpress or VPS? (Also, which would suit my needs better of the two?) Is this process painless or not?

Furthermore, if I choose at any point to leave DreamHost, is it free/easy to transfer my registered domain to another provider?


Start with shared hosting and then you’ll always be able to move your site as you grow. Welcome to the fun part of the internet :slight_smile: