New to host, "throttled" but still overcharges?

i just email customer support. while waiting, i’m curious to know whether i have to pay extra for “throttle” feature to work?

i have “crazy insane” host for less than 1 month, i throttled 1 domain at 10gb bandwith, another at 110gb. been busy over the weeks (final examinations are near), i put up some .wmv files to share with cousins in vietnam.

so with “throttle”, once the domain’s contents reach 110, it stop counting bandwidth right? that what i read from Knowledge Base.

i’m just a curious newbie, please help.
“the overcharge is $100something, i deleted the files already, dont know what my cousins done”. i blamed myself to this. is there a way i can clear this out? thank you.

thanks ardco, i got replies from customer support, they kindly took off $70 from $110s charges for me. from now, i’m so awared of “throttle” :slight_smile:

thank you.

last I saw bandwidth was fifty cents per GB over your allotment, so you went 220GB over?!?!

Wow! Well done :slight_smile: