New to GetSimple and Dreamhost

Hi all,

I am looking to use GetSimple for an eCommerce site. I am looking at it because I want to have non-technical people be able to update it. Most of my sites are in wordpress but an overly zealous programmer made one near unusable because so much is hard coded and impossible to change if you don’t know how to do it. I know the code and still can’t change things without a lot of frustration most of the time. So I want something more geared toward novice user. I want non-technical people to be able to plug in new products and take out old ones.

So I installed GetSimple with 1 click. I assume it’s like WordPress in that I choose and install a theme. I know where to put everything in WP, but where do I do it in GS? I’m not sure what I do next.

Before I do anything I want to know if this seems like the right choice and if there are any Get Simple tutorials if it is. Thank you!