New to dreamhosts

I have not been using dreamhosts very long, and am new to this forum too, so I am new to you all as my hosting ,or you are new to me, anyway, I decided to put a “Hosted by Dreamhosts” link at the bottom of my index.html, and I hope that is ok, ??
I guess for now that is about it, just sort of a hello, and introduction,…so far I am happy with the hosting.
thanks from Garry Ricketson

Yes… you might even consider joining the affiliate programme and potentially earning some referral fees if people click your link.

Ok, thanks, I did see something about that, the affiliate programme, maybe later, — Websites,forums,webdesign, computer programming are just hobbies for me though, I don’t really think of it as a way to earn money,…I mostly was just thinking if anyone that happened to visit my site, and also is starting a site of their own, they might want to know what hosting service I am using.
Before I was using a “freehosting” service, but found it very limited , in what I could do, so I upgraded to paid hosting, with the same host, only to find out I still could not do what I wanted (use a forum software of my choice),…I should have asked them first before I paid !,…Then someone on another forum mentioned they were using dreamhosts, so I decided to try it, this time I asked support, before I paid ,or started my account,…
Ahh, another question,…can we use signatures, with a link, here on this forum ?, I could not find any option in my profile, to add a signature, what are the rules on that ?
Edited: I see now, there is a “change signature” option, however I am still wondering if it is ok to have a link to my site in my signature ?

After a week in the forum, you may use a sig containing links.