New to Dreamhost

I’m new to Dreamhost. I actually had a recent and unfortunate experience with another provider so I would like to switch to Dreamhost. As a Professional Photographer, would the site package with VPS be the best? What exactly are the benefits to Dreamobject? Lastly, is it easy to transfer my domain name(s) to Dreamhost? What is the easiest way to do this?

Hello nicole and welcome to the family! What does a professional photographer like you does with a website? Do you have simply a portfolio online? Do you sell your photos on that site, too? How is your current website: do you want to move that over or start from scratch with new technology? The answers to these questions are needed to answer your question about the VPS :slight_smile:

To give you an example, if your website is mostly a portfolio based on Wordpress then I’d suggest you look at DreamHost Wordpress solutions instead of VPS: let DreamHost do the heavy work of keeping your wordpress site running while you focus on taking pictures. If instead you need different technology than Wordpress then you have either VPS or DreamHost cloud servers on DreamCompute.

Regarding DreamObjects, it’s a very system for storing and serving files over internet: it’s popular among photograpers, one of our photographer customer described how they use it for distributing pictures to their customers. Read their story on

We’re here to give you answers, feel free to ask more!