New to Dreamhost


I’m having trouble uploading anything to my hosting. It says I’m on terrabellum hosting. I’ve tried uploading webpages to all of my directories in filezilla but they don’t seem to be correlating when I refresh the browser. I’m not really sure in what folders i’m supposed to put the files or what exactly the problem is so I’m having trouble explaining my situation.


Go to manage domains in the panel,
look at the “web hosting” column and see what USER is listed there
log into ftp using that user
change directories to YOURDOMAINNAME.COM
Upload there…

if you need more help supply the domain name in your next post as well… it helps because we are just other customers and can’t look anything up…


my domain name is

I tried uploading to that directory and still nothing[hr]
i’m trying to upload a index.html file


The nameservers for are set to NS1.FATCOW.COM NS2.FATCOW.COM. You will need to change the nameservers to The domain registrar is currently FASTDOMAIN, INC. so that’s where you will have to log in to make a change to that domain.


that’s weird I’ve never logged into fastdomain…


have you registered this domain?


yes, I registered the name initially with when i had hosting there, however I recently moved over to dreamhost and moved my other url’s along with it

now fatcow is saying it’s going to take 2-3 hrs for me to be able to change the nameserver and 24-48 hours to full transfer it after that.

Is there a way for me to upload files and be able to see them on my dreamhost hosting?


You should be able to see it by going to your dreamhost server.

You an see which server you are on in the panel under the link Account Status (dropdown link) on the right side of the page


create a dreamhosters sub-domain (i.e. and make it a mirror of your domain name. use the sub-domain to build your site until you get your dns straightened out.