New to Dreamhost


I am brand spanking new to dreamhost. I have used rv sitebuilders and cpanel in the past. Neither are available here. I am trying to figure out how to build my site. I want to have a main site that indexes the rest.

For instance, I want to set up a web page for I am still not sure what the mainsite will be but I want to also have sub sites… and

I have an FTP program on my computer. I have looked at joomla and drupal and cannot figure out how to set up a site. Is dreamhost really that complicated?

When I read the wikii info…it is WAY over my head. I do want to do this myself if for no other reason than to learn.

Can someone help?

You may consider using subdomains, such as and A challenge to using subdirectories as you listed is that the One-Click Installs (automatic application installer) usually require an empty directory. This means that you must either install your main site first, or manually install it later.

To create a site, or sub-site, you must first set up a Fully Hosted Domain from the panel: Domains -> Manage Domains. This will create an folder in your FTP directory, and that is where you files go. There is no public_html directory here.

I don’t like to think of DreamHost as being “complicated.” I find it to be “flexible.” I really like the control it gives me and cPanel has been washed from my mind.

Post back if you have any more questions.


Unfortunately, I have no idea how to set any of this up. I am trying to figure it out but I do not understand the step by step in the wiki. I am sure once I understand it, I will like it alot. I am just not quite getting how to set up a site. I see the one click install. I don’t quite grasp that either. I cannot figure out how to simply build my site. I may like a wiki or a wordpress as a subdomain but not as the main site. Is there a site builder? Something that will provide templates?


You may find that WordPress may work well for your main site. It has an option of showing a page for the main site, rather than blog entries. WordPress comes with many templates.

But, Step 1, you have to set up a Fully Hosted Domain. Have you logged into the panel here yet?


I don’t understand what you mean by fully hosted domain.

Have you logged into the panel yet? Here’s the link for setting up hosting:


It says my domain is already in the system

Ok, so how do I add a subdomain?

Adding a subdomain is the exact same process. Your home directory will end up with an folder, and a folder. They are independent entities.