New to Dreamhost

I am moving here from another host provider, where I was reselling accounts. I need to move all of my accounts with that provider here, and I’m having some issues in doing so. (This system is completely new to me.)

I’m trying to set it up so that my resold accounts can basically do everything except the following:

  • Add new domains
  • Dink with billing information
  • See/modify other people’s sites and related data

Specifically, what I want them to be able to do is:

  • Create/delete/edit email addresses on their own domain
  • Ditto for FTP accounts
  • Ditto for MySQL databases
  • Use the one-click installers and all the “goodies”
  • Create subdomains

So far, I’ve managed to do most of this. My only problem is that whenever a user other than myself tries to manage MySQL databases, I get an error: “We’re sorry, you have no plans that allow MySQL databases!”

Anyone got any insight?


Many of the accounts at the old host provider were running database-driven CMS sites (such as XOOPS). Does anyone know of a good way to (relatively) painlessly move those sites (databases and all) to Dreamhost?



[quote]“We’re sorry, you have no plans that allow MySQL databases!”


Only paying webid’s can have databases, and you’re using multiple non-paying webid’s?

You’re trying to create databases using a command line script?

They need more support help.
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That may have answered my question, then, in a way that I didn’t want it answered. As I said, I have been a reseller with another company and am trying to migrate because the other company has basically gone to crap.

One of the things my customers want is database access. If I can’t give that to them without also giving them the ability to create new domains, I don’t think I’ll be able to use Dreamhost. Is that the way it works: you can’t give other WebIDs the ability to create databases unless they also have the ability to create new domains?

And, no I’m not trying to create databases using the command line script. I’m using the control panel.

Our panel does not currently allow this. I have brought it up on our internal lists and we evaluate how hard it would be to add this week and let you know.

Any word on this issue? Because this is crucial if I’m going to host client sites here.

I opened a support request on this.
It’s hard to believe this is not an option. I’m used to DirectAdmin and cPanel allowing this type of access on “resold” accounts.

I still would have choosen DH even if I had known this limitation. :slight_smile:


EDIT: “Our panel does not currently allow this.” oops…Our must be a DH admin. :-/

well at least a support request is more documentation. :slight_smile:

Support said :

"> You would need to enable “add remove features for this plan here” to

[quote]enable them to create their own databases. This option is at the bottom
of the account privliges tab:


(May WebID add/remove features for this plan?)
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The only issue I have is the WebID can Destory my “mysql” hostnames, but they can only see their databases.


I agree that is a pretty big problem. Because of it, as well as the need to be able to create domains, is why I don’t give any other users that ability. I set every user up initially with a db I have created for them in the panel, with their own user set up so they can access PhpMyAdmin and access the database via the command line (for those I have given shell access) and via program code.

If they need another, I create it for them; it’s an inconvenience, but I’d rather do it that way as opposed to “turning them loose” until DH modifies the panel to allow finer control.