New to Dreamhost VPS

Good morning,

New to dreamhost, read that it has the better VPS services out there. Ordered my plan yesterday, just curious how long it takes to setup?

I understand holiday weekend and what not, but normally how long does it take to get completely setup?

Thanks in advance

VPS takes about as long as any other service here to set up. It’s most likely your account itself that might take 24-48 hours, depending on payment method. US Credit Cards tend to be pretty fast.

Once your account is approved and set up, a VPS account is set up within an hour. A new or transferred domain can take up to another 24 hours to be reachable.

I have a VPS account and really like it. It’s a good deal and has been extremely reliable.

Hmm, that’s strange. It’s been about 24 hours and I when I go to my VPS Dashboard it is still showing the ‘Add VPS button’.

I got the email about account approval (used US based CC), but haven’t heard anything else.

It should be a lot faster than that. I can only guess that you did not complete the VPS setup. I suggest you try again.

I have already been charged the $15 on my CC (pending) should I try to do it again?

That does sound like it’s been started. I suggest you file a Support ticket.

But just to be sure, there’s nothing else on your VPS dashboard? Right above my Add VPS button is the one VPS plan I have along with its stats.

Yea nothing unfortunately, just the advertisement for the different features of VPS plans.

After a ticket to support, everything is now resolved. Thanks!

Glad to hear it. Enjoy!