New to DreamHost--using RapidWeaver

Hi. I have been with Doteasy for a decade now and have had so many issues, we decided to switch companies. Making a switch from another company is a lot harder than starting a website from scratch (for me at least). I need some help with FTP loading using my RapidWeaver program. The support folks told me which path, etc. to use, but they did not work. I tried something different & mine did not work either. I wanted to check with you and see if you have any ideas!

Here is what support said to use:
The host is The path should be just the domain. (

Here is what I am using:
username: (the username from the “manage domains” page)
password: same as above
path: /home/summitgroupevents/

How can I get my files uploaded and ready to go?

The info you have seems to be correct. Perhaps you were waiting for DNS propagation. Try again.