New to DH

I have a few questions about the site & stuff.

  1. For SmartFTP, what is my host & path information?
  2. When I get logged on, where do I put my all files? What folder?
  3. When I go to my address, it says “Host Not Accessible”. Should it say that?

All my stuff is activated and everything, I just didn’t know this stuff. Thanks to anyone who helps!

Either your machine name (you can see it in the panel) or your domain name will work for the host; for the path, put /home/yourusername.

If you want files to be accessible from the Web, you’ll have to put them in /

When I go out to drive my car, the “brakes disabled” light comes on. Is that supposed to happen? Seriously, though, your domain should resolve as an empty directory listing; if it isn’t, then make sure that you’ve added it to your hosted domains, and that you’ve given it some time to propagate.
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The domain name doesn’t work for FTP, I put in the same information except the host and it doesn’t work. It only works for the server at dreamhost. And I did put files in / but I still get the “Error: Host Not Accessible”

Only the server name is working for FTP because your domain hasn’t propagated yet. You need to wait anything up to 72 hours for that to happen.

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This is not actually correct. You will want to put it in /home/yourname/ (assuming your domain is configured the way domains are normally configured at dreamhost. You won’t be able to write to /

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