New to DH. Some things work, some don't (yet?)

I signed up for a DH codemonster account and transfered my 2 domain names: and

Both are working as far as web page accessibility goes (except for the usual issues of transferring blogs from one webhost to another), but both seem to be having problems. can’t seem to receive email unless I go to the webmail. I prefer downloading mail to my Mac. can’t seem to get its MySQL working. Well, I haven’t tested MySQL on yet, so maybe that’s messed up too.

I’ve installed Movabletype, but it can’t seem to find the db. So, I thought I’d give the one-click WP install a shot, and I get the same problem there.


in my expirence you have to wait a couple of hours before the new MYSQL database is actually set up and accessable. DH used to say that it took 4 hours, I believe, to set up a new database. Now they say 15 min. but in my expirence it’s more like 2 hours.

I don’t know why your mail wouldn’t be working though, and I have no expirence with MACs.

-Matttail :slight_smile:

…but I set the databases up yesterday - more than 24 hours ago

[quote] can’t seem to receive email unless I go to the webmail.


Yes, it is tricky. The most frequent cause IME is setting username: to the username part of the DH “Email Address” rather than the (often different) DH “Mailbox Login” aka “Login”. CHeck panel Mail > Email Addresses.

If that doesn’t fix it, tell the error you get from your mail client.

[quote]unless I go to the webmail


I’ve found many snags with the webmail, including in security. You might want to use instead an independeent webmail e.g.