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I just purchased web hosting services and domain name from DeamHost and I also am doing a pre-trial run with TypePad. I wanted to know which is better: WordPress and/or TypePad? I read that on WP - they don’t want you to blog for adverts and such. With TP - they say that you can advertise whichever and whomever you please. I know that there is a .org and .com for WP. So what’s deal with WP - as I see many a bloggers making those greenbacks with adverts?

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Ads are only restricted on Wordpress blogs that are hosted for free with Wordpress. Since you’ve got the hosting with Dreamhost, you can install the Wordpress software on your account and put as many ads as you like - any restrictions on content or advertising would be covered by the Dreamhost TOS and not’s hosting terms.

I haven’t really tried Typepad much but I am a huge fan of Wordpress software for building blogs :slight_smile:

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Typepad is a hosted service. You can’t download it and install it here. That being said, there’s really not much difference between the two. WordPress is a very powerful setup, yet is very easy to manage. I really like WordPress. Since it’s a One-Click installation (use Advanced Mode so you can add and modify your own themes), it’s a snap to set up here.

And, as Independent said, your site here is your own, so you can advertise to your heart’s content.

So give it a shot. If you have any problems, ask for help in the Troubleshooting forum. You’ll get a quick response.

-Scott is the place where you host a blog with wordpress (like blogspot). is where you download the blogging program, as well as themes, plugins and much more.

i have been using for years. the program is fantastic and much to be preferred over typepad.

dreamhost also has one-click installs of wordpress in the control panel.

good luck.

THANK YOU ever so kindly independent, sdayman and gpen. It quite clear to what I got with answers.