New TLDs, DNS, and external hosting

I have a “New TLD” registered with DreamHost (it’s a “.solutions” domain.)

I also have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) externally-hosted (ie: not through DreamHost) that has a static IP address.

So how do I configure the New TLD on DreamHost to point to the static IP address of my externally-hosted VPS such that when I enter the DreamHost-registered New TLD, it loads the site at my externally-hosted VPS?



Some of the other VPS providers have their own nameservers (for example, digitalocean…) . You can set your domain to use their nameservers, and then set that same domain up in your account:

Alternatively, you can just (in DreamHost) set your domain as DNS only, and then create an a-record pointing to the IP address of your VPS.

Either way will work.