New technologies (specifically Rails 1.0, MySql 5)

How long does it usually take for Dreamhost to adopt newly released versions of the products they support? Specifically, MySQL has released version 5, and Rails 1 is coming out soon. What time frame should I anticipate for seeing these available for existing dreamhost accounts?

This question mainly came to mind because I really want to be able to implement views in my database, and MySql only started supporting that as of version 5.

As far as Rails goes, they’ve been staying pretty current, with 0.14.2 currently installed.

I think MySQL will be different though as it’s probably substantially harder to upgrade. I couldn’t say on that one.

-Tom Wilcoxen
convergent arts

Lot of changes from MySQL4.1 to MySQL5. Don’t expect any MySQL5 upgrades anytime soon. It took DH two years to upgrade to MySQL4.1. :frowning: