New svn repo causing "Redirect cycle detected for URL" error


I am trying to create a new svn repo through the Panel and keep on getting this error in tortoise: Redirect cycle detected for URL

It sounds like it means I have a recursive link or something, logging into shell I see:
[homam]$ svn co
svn: Repository moved permanently to ‘’; please relocate

Am I doing something wrong in the Panel or could this be a problem with dreamhost’s svn setup?


Do you have anything (e.g, web applications) installed at the root level of Rewrite rules for some common applications like WordPress can mess up SVN requests.


I did a little more experimenting and was able to create a (different) repo that worked, the only difference I found was that this time I didn’t try to set up Trac along with svn, so maybe that was the issue.


If they were both subdirs of the same document root, that’s likely the problem. Keep them separate:




If you don’t like subdomains in your urls, there are ways to get around that, but you don’t have to physically put them in the same dir to get: