New subdomain woes


I work on . Last night I created a new subdomain, through the control panel. The system set it up (but did not created a directory in /home/erlebach .
Why not? What is happening? This is the second time, and I am stuck because I cannot use the ruby on rails without creating subdomains. All my other software in my subdomains work. Some people do not have this problem (based on the posts), so perhaps somebody (from Dreamhost perhaps) could help me out? I sent them email a few weeks ago when I set up with the same problem, which was NEVER fixed. I tried to created the directory myself, and create and index.html file, but that did not work at all.

How long must I wait? I really would like to talk to a “live” technician about this if I could, but it does not appear to be possible. There is no information on the wiki regarding this, nor in the forums.



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Did you set up the sub-domain using the same username as for or did you create another username?

Try to create another subdomain such as and double check that the correct user is shown in the drop down next to ftp user/CGI user.

If that creates a sub domain okay I would send another support email to DreamHost, from the Support section, to check if the original sub-domain creation process was commenced but never completed. (It might be a good idea to send a fresh email anyway to sort out any issues in your account)

Sometimes you may see DreamHost staffers on IRC at in #dreamhost. They are normally chit-chatting games but you may get a word in if you are very quick! :slight_smile:


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Do you have more one FTP user? Perhaps you created that subdomain as being owned by User B instead of User A, which would put it in User B’s home directory.

I did a ‘host’ lookup and it returned:
[pBrain:~] scott% host has address

So it has been created somewhere. Going to that address in my browser brings up an empty directory index.