New ssh login confusion

I have turned on the SSH option for my web site in my control panel. However, after I enter my password into SSH Secure Shell, I get a dialogue box that says “Enter your authentication response.” I click “OK,” then click on “New File Transfer Window,” and receive a message box that says “The specified file or directory doesn’t exist.” (There is no opportunity to center an “authentication response.”) The SSH window (bottom left hand corner) says “Connected to” (the web site), but when I click on “New File Transfer Window” I get this message: “The specified file or directory doesn’t exist.”

I don’t know whether this is a related issue, but, when originally setting up SSH for this web site, I opted not to keep the permanent “key.” I have never been asked for a key again, though I have deleted and reinstated the profile for academicfreedomnet several times. What do I do now? Thank you. zaphod

The SSH key for the server doesn’t have to do with your accounts. It’s just a way to know if a trusted server gets replaced/hi-jacked. What program are you using? If you are using Putty you should just reset everything and connect to the server again, and when you are asked about the SSH key, this time accept it.

Hi, Tonrayo: First, thank you for the response. I find that I can upload using SSH Secure Shell on another computer for which I allowed the key to be assigned. But, no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the profile on my laptop, I keep getting a connection but wihout being able to open an upload window (I keep getting the message: "Specified file or directory does not exist.) Do you (or does anyone) know now to reset the settings of SSH Secure Shell so that I can upload on my laptop as well as on my desktop? Thank you