New spam filters are a big problem for the blind

I have users who are blind and can’t find the new filters using the JAWS screen reader application.

Additionally emails from their local branch of the National Library of the Blind KLAS online system are going into some folder, but I don’t know what. It is not the inbox.

This shouldn’t happen. DH shouldn’t make life more difficult for disabled people.

Vade is learning system so the filtering and scoring is automatically done. You can train Vade by marking spam as such but all your emails should be going to your inbox. Are you using a mail client such as Outlook or are you using the mobile web web version?

How can blind people move spam from the spam folder to the inbox when they can’t see the spam folder? The two other folders that were turned off after complaints were even more troublesome.

Many blind people use Thunderbird as it works well with JAWS.

It’s unfortunate that so much of this ‘modern’ web is non accessible by blind people… heck, even moderately impaired people like my old father have a hard time with little button and modern things. I hear Gmail has similar issues…

That said, if Thunderbird works I’d suggest your users to stick to it: they may not be able to train the antispam filter but at least they’ll be able to read messages, even when they’re misplaced as spam or ham.