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I may have posted this to the wrong forum area, if so sorry…

… but just wondering if peeps could just check out my site and tell me if it seems easy to navigate, is designed well, is there anything else I could do to improve it?

I’ve never built a site before and have limited tech knowledge so I may have missed some glaringly obvious best practices. BTW I built this in Wordpress using 2010 theme, but I’ve removed the blogging bits as I wanted a standard website.

Address is :

Thanks in advance for help and ideas :slight_smile:
Just tested my site on IE under Windows 8 and it looks so different to what the site looks like in Firefox that I use. IE ‘breaks’ the site. Does anyone else see rubbish in IE or is it just me?

IE is the bane of so many of us :confused:

A couple suggestions:

Don’t use Comic Sans. Sadly it’s got a bad rep as being ‘unprofessional.’ My buddy, Brian Gardner, has a huge love of fonts and websites, and touts using Google’s free ones: - With that in mind, space out your text more, so it’s got room to be read.

Your images are great but the quality’s low. I’m not even on a fancy new MacBook with HD zowie retina display, and I can see pixelation on your images. They have squidgy lines and smudges, which detract from the site’s coolness.

Finally for IE… I don’t have it, but generally it’s because IE likes to play by it’s own rules. It’s probably not just you :confused:

A few other notes I’ll just throw in there:

The entire page is extremely wide. It’s a little bit over 1280 pixels, so it won’t even fit on a lot of smaller displays. If you can cut it down by the width of one of the “boxes” on the front page (e.g, bring it down to three columns of tours, from four), that’d bring it into a more acceptable range.

Your contact details (in the upper right corner) are an image — only. This means I can’t copy/paste, or click, your email address. Having to retype the address might be a turn-off for people trying to get in touch.

The title on your main page (“african safari holiday, africa adventure holiday, african honeymoon”) is silly. Ignore Yoast and set a sensible title, like “Alternative African Adventures”. Remember that your site’s title will be the first thing a user sees on a search, so having it look professional is important.

Opera, IE, Chrome on Win8:

One more thing I would chime in:

Your menu starts off with some top-level pages:
about us
contact us

then it jumps to second-level items:
Classic Africa
Relaxing Africa
Alternative Africa
Out of Africa

That is slightly confusing for me. It took me a few seconds to realize that must be different types of tours. Perhaps if the menu-item simply said: Tours, or Types of Tours and clicking that showed a list of the types of tours that could be clicked.

Since you are using WordPress that would fit nicely into the WP flow, especially if you were using a custom-post-type for Tours

Thanks all for taking time to feedback on the site. Looks like I have a bit more work to do. I really appreciate your help though :slight_smile: