New site: "server cannot be found"


Hi All,

I completed the 1-click installation of Wordpress which seemed to go ok. In fact, I even received an automated email confirming that the installation had been completed successfully.

The email invited me to take a bunch of follow up steps, by clicking on the links below.

  1. When I use Safari, I receive an error “safari cannot open the site because the server cannot be found”
  2. When I use Chrome or IE, I get a general error page saying the address cannot be found, with the google search box attached.

Any ideas on why I cannot retrieve the site address?

With grateful thanks and regards,


The nameservers for your domain name are currently pointed to and

You can use these instructions to access your site before changing the DNS:


Thanks for the reply…I created a subdomain to mirror the main site as an interim step until the DNS Name Change takes effect

  • no change.

I’ve just changed the DNS Name Servers to reflect

Still no change, but I’ll take a look over the next few hours


The DNS change works for me at this point. DNS propagation doesn’t reach everyone’s nameserver at the same time, so if your not seeing it yet, you should be soon.


Thanks LakeRat, I really have appreciated your advice. You have been brilliant!

The DNS change has come though and the problem is resolved.

Any new users here…my hard learned advice is…go to your Domain Name Registrar and change the DNS name servers to reflect the 3 DreamHost servers on Day 1.