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I am creating a new site with Dreamweaver and I am not entirly sure what I am doing. All my files in Dreamweaver have a name such as index.html or intro.html. Therefore to see those file one must go to www(dot)markchambersmusic(dot)com/intro.html

When I go to just markchambersmusic(dot)com I get the directory listing. Could anyone offer me some advice as to what I need to do to get my intro as www(dot)markchambersmusic(dot)com



On DH your first page must be index with an extention examples: index.html, index.php, etc.
Each additional page can be named what ever you decide is appropriate and link to the via the index page.
So page2.html url would look like
A link on your page would use the anchor tag with href so it would look like this: <a href=">Page 2
Or you can use relative links so if page 2 is in the same directory for example it would be Page 2
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So my first page will be

How does this exclude anyone from seeing my directory as it stands now at

My first can’t be just

I am not sure what the anchor tag means. Can you explain? I am a little dense with the html code stuff.



Basically, one will get the same page thro’ and

In other words, you rename your page intro.html to index.html and the work will be done.

Anchor tags are there for linking. Say, you wanted to have a link to, now by doing Click here to see Yahoo! you will create a link that will take you to Yahoo’s website.


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That did it. Thanks so much for your help!!!