New Site Not Loading

I transferred my domain registrations from godaddy to dreamhost this weekend and loaded up my website to my host, mirroring to my 2nd domain. I have been getting ‘Failed to open page’ errors instead of the index.html page (located at\index.html) on centaurea. Is the site supposed to be under a folder inside the domain folder (like\root or\host) or can it just sit in that folder? If it’s in the right place, any thoughts on why it isn’t loading?


it appears that all 3 of dreamhosts nameservers have the record, but for some reason whois is not reporting any nameservers for your domain. they need to be set to

This is the first time tracking one of these down for someone that I have ever seen it show blank space for the nameservers.

I will freely admit that I could have easily done something poorly in my transition. However, I’m also an apparent victim of “if weird things are going to happen, they happen to me” syndrome. Does this sound like something I need to fix on the DH side of things or kick godaddy around to purge something, or is it possibly just a matter of patiently waiting?

Edit: I’m seeing this when I do a WHOIS directly on Does this mean they are reporting incorrect DNS information? Apologies for my newness here but I’m trying to learn as quickly as possible.


Both domains indicate via a 3rd party whois server that the registrar is dreamhost. That means you would need to set the nameservers at dreamhost.

Go to manage domains the dreamhost panel, click the DNS link under the domain name and make certain the nameserver blanks are the 3 dreamhost name servers i listed above.

FWIW… as for servering up the misspelling of the domain you are better off to do that as a 301 redirect, and not a mirror. Mirror’s are frowned upon for this sort of thing, the idea is that you should have good content once, and if you have other domain names for whatever reason they should be re-directed rather than mirrored.

Thanks for the info. I’ve updated all the blanks with the correct nameservers so I’ll add some patience to my coffee and wait for it to troll across the world. Thanks for the bit about the second domain as well - I’ll make sure to change it around.

If you just made changes perhaps they are still working, it sounds like that is the case since you said you have now “updated all the blanks…”.

Watch here: (this is a 3rd party whois server) and see that the space after the words “Domain servers in listed order:” should change soon. Right now it’s listing no nameservers, it should list the above 3 soon.

also you can watch this tool to get an idea about how the propagation is going right now I’m getting no results and red X’s on the map.

LakeRat, I thank you much. I’ll be bookmarking these two to keep an eye on them now and in the future. Also, as you suggested, I changed my secondary domain to a redirect so hopefully that will keep the server gnomes happy.

Ah and the plot thickens. Following some instructions in the wiki I set a mirror to to see if I could get it to load. I receive this error both there and at (changed this to redirect):

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

On a whim, I plugged both and into They both showed global propagation. still shows none. Is this standard behavior for a mirror and/or redirect or is it looking like the issue is specific to my main website domain?

Ah yes, and the whois domain search shows the DH servers for but still not for

“bad_httpd_conf” is dreamhost specific error. What it means is that traffic is arriving on a shared IP address and the apache instance that is serving that IP doesn’t have anything to serve for that domain.

Which is the domain set to full hosting and which is the redirect?

Go to manage domains and edit the domain, don’t change anything just save it again. If the “bad_httpd_conf” is from that domain it should fix it, if it’s from the re-direct then its just because the redirect hasn’t yet caught up.

The main domain is, the redirect adding the extra ‘m’. I’ll give this a try as well.
Didn’t seem to make a difference. Would not having a database cause this problem? Do I need to add any CNAME info or anything?

No neither will make a bit of difference. is showing the correct nameservers for but that’s not showing up elsewhere yet (like the 3rd party whois we did earlier). It should just be a case of wait. The way the DNS system is created nameservers cache information until the TTL (or Time To Live) expires before looking it up again. That should be about 12-24 hours from the time you corrected the nameservers to dreamhost.

Ah the joys of waiting. Still nothing…

Checking the 3rd party whois server i see progress. It’s showing the dreamhost nameservers. WhatsmyDNS isn’t showing anything yet tho.

Go to manage domains in the panel. Make sure that has “fully hosted” in the webhosting column. Click the DNS link under the domain name, and click the refresh button on the next page.

Well, showing the servers is progress for sure. I checked that “Fully hosted” was showing and it is. I also did the refresh so we’ll see. Thanks once again for your patience and help. It’s nice to see a helpful community of users whenever I go to a new place!

Somehow this got complicated, I think by the fact the nameservers got propagated with no values. It looks like something is happening tho, however slowly.

Complicated things seem to happen to me. Just my lot in life. Fortunately this isn’t a robust, I-need-it-published-now website.

Oh the agony. I’ve gone so far as to kill the mirror I had and cut off the redirect on my second domain so is just a lonely soul. Doing a dig on it both directly and result in ‘connection timed out; no servers could be reached’.

EDIT: I’ve followed all the steps on the wiki page for bad_httpd_conf to no avail.

Hey there!

I noticed you have a ticket open! Going to look into this for you now. Sit tight, I’ll keep you updated after we do some digging. Thanks!

Thanks! It’s much appreciated. I’m sure it was some kind of user error in my transfer but I’m pleading the 5th for now.

Alrighty, I just emailed you! Looks like it was a GoDaddy transfer bug on our side, so it’s nothing you did! We’re in the process of resolving that now, though. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, feel free to reply to my email. Thanks so much for your patience with this – it’s much appreciated :slight_smile: