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Hey guys and girls,

I’m working for a client of mine who has purchased a DH domain registration and hosting package. I made a wordpress site which I developed locally. In the admin of DH, I created a database and did the one-click install of Wordpress and that worked fine. I have also upload my local theme folder via ftp.

My problem is, is that when I navigate to the url, it is still showing the Google error 404 page. I would expect that at least the default wordpress home page would show. I also get that error screen when clicking on the myPHPadmin link in the database section of DH. So, is there a certain amount of time that I have to wait until the site actually goes “live”? Or did I miss something? I’ve never used DH so I’m trying to get used to the admin.


Hi Jason!

If you’re waiting for DNS propagation it might take 4 hours (although they say 3 days) for that to happen. Is the domain relatively new to being Fully Hosted?

A URL will help for feedback regarding DNS.

Yes. i think that the DNS propagation is what I’m waiting on. I just fully hosted it a couple of hours ago. So that would also affect me not being able to log in to the phpadmin too? Thanks for the reply BTW :slight_smile:
[hr] URL:
One more question. Do you know if I have to do anything/contact with Google since it was google hosted prior? I’ve always set up the hosting and domain registration with my other clients so I’ve never gone through this process before (where they set everything up).

Yeah, it will. There are hacks available to get you in quicker, but if you’ve set it up a coupla hours ago it might be best to do some other stuff for an hour or so while you wait for it to “go live gracefully”.

Thank You. I guess I’ll go have some ice cream :slight_smile:


Your site can take some time to be recognized by all networks worldwide. The time it takes for the new records to propagate can vary greatly, from just a few minutes to a day or two in some cases. There is a site you can use to see where your domain is resolving from, as visited from multiple countries, which you can use like this:

When it comes to DNS propagation, patience is key! If you still can’t see your site resolving after 72 hours, please don’t hesitate to email us and let us know! :slight_smile:

PS. Enjoy that ice cream!

It’s Live in Australia :smiley: