New site does not show up in FTP

I’ve had a few sites on Dreamhost for several years but update them infrequently and have never gotten very adept at the process. I’ve usually been able to blunder my way through eventually, but have reached an impasse at the very start with a new site, When I enter the URL in IE9 I get a list of several sites, but not including Am I going about this wrong? Is there some other way I should be uploading my site?

Hi there,
I am able to FTP into the site no problem.
I recommend trying this way.
Go to your Panel once there Users > Manager Users > (under the domain you want to access) Edit
From there you’ll be able to see you FTP login information and even change the password.
You’ll just enter all that info here:
If you have some more questions about FTP we have a wiki article here:
I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but obviously there is something here I’m really not understanding.

With my ftp password and everything set up I go to and under the domain I click FTP to get to What I see there is exactly the same list as I see at, the FTP for my main site. Of course that’s not what I want or need, but it does seem to suggest that when I open I ought to see pretty much the same thing I see at But instead I see DreamHost’s “coming soon” panel.

I’m concerned that if I simply delete what is there and upload my site for I’ll be deleting all my content from my main site.

Are you logging in with the right user ID?

I see you set up a separate FTP user for

I’ve tried them both and gotten identical results with both.

It seems to be loading correctly now.

It is. I tried Expression Web and FTP via IE without any luck, but FileZilla handled it very well with no trouble at all. I don’t understand why it works so much better, but it’s fast and easy and I’m happy just to stick with it.