New Site Dirs created by root

I just transferred and moved a site from another Dreamhost account. The panel interface continues to make this site’s dir’s owned by root. This means that I cant add/edit/delete anything in those dirs and the site is now down…

Any help with this? I cant seem to find a place to call at Dreamhost to tell them what their system is doing… At first I thought it was possibly my FTP program, but I was able to edit files in OTHER dirs. I took a look at the info on the new dirs and they are root/root…

Edit: I also have a new user that I created that’s sitting in a state of ‘pending changes’. This is the 2nd user ive tried to create tonight, the other one was in ‘pending changes’ state for 2 hours… =\

Seen this happen before first-hand. What I did was make a change to the user’s password and it gave the backend a kick. With the ‘root’ ownership problem it happened when moving a domain and it’s data from one user account to another and was quickly resolved by reapplying the request (hitting the button again).

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